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Translation requires individuals to understand and convey information utilizing various languages. 

Translate Central provides indispensable resources with which one can remove language barriers and communicate successfully. Global communication can be achieved through our staff of professional translators in specific areas of expertise. Translate Central uses state-of-the-art translation memory tools like Trados/SDL and we adapt easily to localize directly in your environment.


XML Translation


Since 2001 Translate Central has committed nearly half of its resources to localizing XML content.  We use TagEditor to localize the code within Trados and XML editors to test the content when complete.  Feel confident in the knowledge that your code will come back to you ready to go and error free.  We also have solved many of the challenges two-byte characters offer.

Have a huge number of files?

Our CMS will track your files and keep everything tracked and in que.


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México City - Spanish Translations

I’ve been a full time freelance English/Spanish translator since 1993. My experience is varied and extensive. For me, translating is not merely converting words from one language into another, but the ability to capture even the most subtle nuances, moods and cultural aspects of the source language and accurately convey them into the target language. To accomplish this, I have two essential skills to offer. As a major of English language and literature, I have a solid foundation in the English language, but, most importantly, as a Spanish speaker, I have complete mastery of my native tongue and culture. Translating is challenging in many ways, but I feel very fortunate that I am able to do what I love.




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